Monday, September 10, 2007

I've been found out....

my Aunt found my blog :0) HI AUNTY!!

No stitching lately... we have house guests (indefinitely), including one boisterous but lovely nine year old. We went to a chocolate factory yesterday, and he bought us all a chocolatey-gift of his own accord. What a sweetie (no pun intended!).

I did squeeze in some online stash shopping though, and eagerly await my loot. No idea when I might get to stitch it, but buying it was fun!

Hope everyone is having a great week... Aunty included :0)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Close your eyes Kiwi readers

what I'm about to write might be highly offensive... I LOVE AUSTRALIA! LOL. It was such a fantastic holiday, that we are already thinking about our next trip (maybe an outback adventure).

An Australian winter sure beats a New Zealand one... the weather was fantastic, even reaching 32 degrees Celsius!

The scenery and the wildlife are the most memorable parts of the trip. I got to cuddle a koala, hold a crocodile and pet a whole lot of kangaroos and wallabies. I have a whole new appreciation for snakes, crocodiles and other less cuddly Australian animals.

Australia Zoo deserves a huge mention. If you are ever near Brisbane it is well worth the entrance fee!

We had an amazing journey on the Skyrail in Cairns. It's a gondola/cable car which glides over the rainforest treetops for 7.5 kilometres - you can look down at the amazing view of the Cairns coast, as well as see cockatoos and Ulysses butterflies flying beneath you - there's even a waterfall to admire. You end up at a small village called Kuranda where you can cuddle koalas, go shopping, walk amongst the butterflies etc. Absolutely awesome.

The shopping in Australia was excellent and we picked up some fantastic souvenirs. We even managed to find a cross stitch shop - so I bought 5 kits (as you do) all of Aussie animals.

It was a tiring holiday - we were busy every day and up with the parrots (who would start well before the sun came up). If any Aussie readers could tell me which bird makes a noise that sounds like someone screaming, I'd be intrigued to know! :0)

More photos of my holiday can be found in my Webshots for those who are interested.