Friday, January 19, 2007

Comet McNaught and a half naked All Black larrikin

My OH and my younger sister were standing in our backyard tonight discussing a small fire on the distant hill where my other sister lives. I was later looking at photos of Comet McNaught and showed them a stunning photo of it over the Sydney skyline (below)... and duhhhh... that was what they had been looking at! Tomorrow night, I'm gonna be out there looking - I get a real kick out of that kind of thing.

This photo was taken from Wikipedia

While I have no photos to share just yet, I have been stitching on 'Bee Pinkeep' by Little House Needleworks from the latest issue of The Gift of Stitching. Plus yesterday I bought the fabric for the Long Dog Mystery Sampler. I see my subscription is due to be renewed in the next two weeks, so I must do this so I don't miss out on the next three parts! :0) I was out buying the threads I didn't have to start this today, when I saw a half naked All Black drive through a red light. Tut tut.

It's a long weekend for my part of the country this weekend, yipppeee. Hope you have a good one and that if you're reading this from the UK, Europe and USA that the weather is starting to improve for you all.


AnneS said...

That comet shot is a great one! Look forward to seeing your bee pinkeep - I love that design :) As for the naughty All Black ... a half-naked All Black at any time is a good one ;) Have to admit some of my most fun days was working behind the bar at Marist RFC, with a few of the 'old' All Blacks - it was a blast, but reminds you they're just 'ordinary people' and definitely larrikins at that! :D

bunnyhead said...

What a neat picture!

Sue said...

Great picture. My son loves comets, I'll have to show him this.

Stitchie Kiwi said...

Now come on, you have to tell us which All Black! LOL

I haven't even looked for the comet, must do so though and try and get the kids to see it!