Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blimmin Blogger

Fickle, annoying, un-fun... anyone else having trouble with Blogger at present? I have a Wordpress blog I created the other week, but I'm loathe to change at present because I'd rather stay with Blogger. It is great, when it is working 100%. OH has pretty much determined it's nothing to do with my laptop, and is all to do with Blogger itself.

My technical problems are responsible for yesterday's post of Meg, with no text. Heaven knows how it published, when it wouldn't even let me upload!!?

Anyway, since I can't post any photos here is a link to my Webshots, with my first WIP of Long Dog's Mystery Sampler (from The Gift of Stitching). I started it last night, and am really enjoying it so far.

Started 20 January 2007
Rosie_Kiwi webshots

I had a really great day yesterday - first of all my Gingher scissors I bought from Carol and Mike arrived. They are Cheetah print, and just gorgeous. Quite a different feel than my Fiskars, and they do a great job.

My first Gingher scissors
Rosie_Kiwi Webshots

Then my OH, who hates shopping, felt like going shopping (wippeee). We had just spent quite a bit on some new clothes when we saw this outdoor table set - with 50% off. It was a bargain we just could simply not walk past (especially since we've talked about getting an outdoor table set for nearly 3 years). As you can see from the photo, even the cats love it! Now, if only the sun would shine...

New outdoor table
Rosie_Kiwi Webshots

The excitement of the new outdoor table was all too much for Giggsy -
Giggsy, flat out with his feet up
Rosie_Kiwi Webshots

While Tess celebrated with a beer or two -
Tess celebrating the new outdoor table with a beer or two
Rosie_Kiwi Webshots

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I have a day left of mine because tomorrow is Wellington Anniversary Day. Unless the sun makes an appearance (which is highly unlikely) I think I'll just continue with the Mystery Sampler and see if I can make some good progress before part two comes out.


Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Great start to the LD Sampler. I love the picture of Tess with the beer. Hopefully she show some restraint:)

Carol said...

Glad you like your scissors! And also super glad you are also starting the LDS sampler too!

Sue said...

Your Long Dog is off to a great start.

Anne S said...

Love the outdoor setting, and you're going great guns on the LD sampler :) Love the kitties too, as always :D Fingers crossed Blogger will sort themselves out soon!

Nicki said...

Love the photos - especially the ones with the cats ;)

I had problems yesterday but eventually discovered a help thing that suggested logging in through It should direct you to the new blogger and then you can post pics. Worked for me!

I have Coffee Menu to post to you now I'm done :) Thanks for Lavender Hill!

Little Grey Cat said...

Aww love the photo's of the cats. So cute! The mystery sampler is lovely. Such pretty colours.

Kathy said...

Wow Long Dog is off to a great start.

Love the pic of your cat,looks very comfy.

Hugs xxxxx

Kris said...

Kewl to see someone else starting the LDS Sampler too :)
LOVE the scissors! the patio set! and the .... no snow on the ground :)
Blogger is working fine for me ... are you using the new Blogger or the old? maybe that's the problem? Good luck with it!

bunnyhead said...

Your new furniture is lovely! We got new furniture last spring and were out there every night.

M- Filer said...

Cute Kitty Kat....looks just like my Tuxedo kitten Bubbles!