Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A small finish

Woodland Santa and I have fallen out. I've lost count of the times that I've lost count! I've decided WS and I need some time apart. So, here's a small Christmassy finish. I'm hoping to borrow my Mum's sewing machine to make it into an ornament, maybe I'll catch the ornament bug?

Oh and here was a card that I stitched my Dad for his 65th. It didn't turn out special enough to make into a card, so not wanting to waste the time I'd put into it, I slapped it on the CD cover which holds the movie I made him. (Thanks for the well wishes for my Dad, he's recovering well).

Not long until Christmas now. I am sooo looking forward to the time off work!


bunnyhead said...

Cute finishes!

Anonymous said...

What lovely finishes,

Hugs xxxxxxx

Little Grey Cat said...

Great finishes and what a brilliant idea to decorate the CD case. I wonder if that's a cross stitch first? I certainly haven't seen anyone else do it

Anonymous said...

Very cute finishes :)

Carol said...

Pretty ornament - that's one of my favorites and is on the must stitch list too :-)