Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dust storm...

As you can see I haven't got very far with Woodland Santa, but here's a (not very good) piccie of my slow progress.

Things are still busy, and not allowing for much stitching time. Dad has been in hospital, Tess is overnighting at the vets tonight :0( , we've had new ceilings installed (hence the dust storm title of this post, what a lot of cleaning up OH and I have been doing), we've also been tidying up the garden now we've got some good weather (yay!). Oh yeah, and then there's Mum's birthday and Christmas preparations... now summer is here I'm starting to get a bit excited about Xmas.

Last week one of my workmates surprised me with this bunch of roses (a crap photo, they don't do these beauties justice) - just to thank me for my help. Wow, I'm still quite astounded and touched.

Thanks for the comments on my last post. I laughed at Karen's comment 'Look at that hair'... yup, glad I didn't inherit those curls! LOL.

Happy stitching!


Lana said...

wow! So sorry to hear of your dad being inthe hospital. and here you were just celebrating his b-day. what a bummer. Well, I hope life lets up on you soon! Happy Stitching!

AnneS said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad - hopefully it's nothing serious! Woodland Santa is looking great :D

Maree said...

I hope your Dad is okay, and you can stop to take a breath soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your Dad is ok.

Wow Santa is looking great.

hugs xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Love your santa...he is quite handsome.

Sending positive though your way. Hope your dad is better soon!

Lisa said...

{{{Hugs}}} Hope you Dad is beter soon.

Sants looks great :o)