Thursday, November 16, 2006

Slow going

My motivation is severely lacking in the stitching department. I've started stitching the Woodland Santa again, but it's slow going. It's not worth sharing a photo at the moment.

Instead, here's another cat photo. This is Giggsy when he was 8 weeks old. He and Meg were such loveable little terrors. Oh the stories I could tell about ripped wallpaper, curtain climbing, curtain rails being pulled from walls and shredded toilet rolls. We used to live in a very old house with lovely wooden floors, and it was always so delightful to hear the padding of furry cat feet chasing one another around. They're still very loveable, but much calmer now (phew!).

I bought the September issue of Cross Stitch Collection yesterday (my interest is stash shopping never subsides) - there are some fab designs in it - a Lion Cub by Pollyana Pickering, Earth Goddess and Part 2 of a very large design called 'Summer Ball' (it reminds me of Pride & Prejudice). I was going out to get the magazine with Part 1 in it today, but it was (surprisingly!!! - not) pouring with rain. Tomorrow I'll go armed with a jacket and a brolly!

Speaking of magazines - Ali if you are reading this, I have left a message on your last post re the JCS Ornaments magazine.

Speaking of more magazines :0) LOL - I don't often purchase items on TradeMe (like Ebay), but when I saw this auction had very little interest I put in a bid and got these magazines for just $5 (that's roughly about US$2.50 or GBP 1.50)! I love a bargain.

Has anyone else not received their Rainbow Club from Countrystitch this month? Just curious.

Finally, thank you for all your get well wishes for my Dad. One of the veins they put into his heart when he had his bypass has become completely blocked due to scar tissue. I'm not yet sure what they intend doing to fix the problem.

Hope you have all had a good week, and have an even better weekend! :0)


Renee said...

Interesting to see what magazines you find in NZ. I'm French and our magazines are very different from US ones, English ones, and even very different from German ones, the charts of which are not so easy to read at all. I get my inspiration from all what I can find everywhere. Was nice to begin my day with a glimpse to NZ. You can learn to know my area and my works in my web site too.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the joys of cat ownership - I remember having to scrape up shredding from various wallpaper expeditions Fudgey used to go on when he was a nipper. He's also calmed down now - wallpaper is too much effort for him now. Usually nowadays he just like to curl up next to me and supervise what I'm doing (either stitching or watching dvds)!

I'm glad they've managed to discover what's the matter with your Dad. It's awful waiting for outcomes, because the waiting in between is as long as a lifetime. I've got everything crossed so that they will be able to rectify the problem. Lots of love to you *hugs* x

Anonymous said...

Aww Giggsy is sooo cute. He definitely looks like he's ready for mischief in that photo.

What a great bargain you got there with those magazines :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rowyn, I am another stitcher from NZ (Christchurch) I have just seen a picture of the summer ball by sandy littlejohns but alas it was in book 137. Would you be able to send me a copy of the whole chart in the mail. i would love to do it. My contact is

PS lets hope summer arrives soon!!!!