Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm sooo excited...

I've just booked a long weekend away in February for OH's birthday - the highlight of the weekend being whale watching in the South Island.

While OH is a very generous gift-giver himself, he doesn't like receiving them. But surely I've hit the nail on the present-head this time!??

Image courtesy of
Whale Watch Kaikoura

Also planned is a trip to a winery (he lurvves wine) and some relaxing.

There's a fantastic stash shop in Picton called 'The Looking Glass' which I might have to raid while we wait for the ferry home. LOL. (Honest, there was no alternate agenda here!!... does anyone believe me?).

As for stitching... would you believe with all that new stash, I'm actually working on Damask Roses and feeling really motivated with this piece... so I'm sticking with it for now. Will post a progress pic soon.

We get high speed internet this weekend, so if I disappear for a while it's probably just high speed teething problems!


Lisa said...

Lucky OH :o)

My DH is the same, loves to give but dislikes receiving gifts.

AnneS said...

What an awesome gift - I'm sure he'll love it! :D And I remember that Picton shop very well ... and very fondly ;)

Carto said...

Wow - what a brilliant present! OH is going to be over the moon and back again with this surprise! Looking forward to seeing piccies too!! Big Hugs xx

Carol said...

Oooo, whale watching sounds fun!

Barb said...

What a neat gift. I really liked the whale picture and enjoyed your blog. You have some nice projects on it.

StitchCat said...

That will be great Rowan...I have yet to go over and see the whales myself. My sister used to own the tearooms next to the Looking Glass in Picton and I was always envious she lived above and worked next door to such a great shop.