Thursday, September 28, 2006


The other day I was horrified to see a mother duck strutting proudly down the side of the main thoroughfare with her two fuzzy ducklings behind her. I tried to convince myself they'd be fine. Tonight I noticed that my worst fears for the sweet duck family had come true. Life can be so cruel.

On to happier thoughts ('cos hey it's nearly Friday, again!)... I've finished four pieces of stitching this week. They were all abandoned pieces, so there was varying amounts of stitching to finish off on each of them. I even did the couched mice tails on The Drawn Thread's 'Cat's Meow'. They're not perfect... and I don't care!! (I do really, but I have to get over it! LOL).

I can't share photos until my new laptop is sorted out, as I don't have the ability to change photo sizes on this beast yet. I would borrow OH's but he is busy working on trying to create me a database for my cross stitching stuff (bless him!).

Well, after being sold a faulty Toshiba, then getting it replaced with another faulty Toshiba (someone forgot to install the modem, duh) OH paid a little extra and got me an Acer - and it is ace! I haven't had a minutes bother with this one, and it has extra features (DVD writer, more memory etc)... so now I am really thrilled to bits.

Will write again over the weekend, with photos!

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AnneS said...

What a great productive week with all those finishes ... can't wait to see piccies! :D