Monday, September 04, 2006

All good things come to an end...

I've been back in New Zealand since Thursday... my body clock is beginning to work it's way around to New Zealand time (so hopefully I'll stop waking at 4 in the morning LOL).  So far I'm still happy living in the after-glow of my holiday and haven't succumbed to post-holiday blues like OH.

I've been looking through my 700 or so holiday photos and I just didn't know which ones to share, so here are a couple of randomly chosen shots.

This is the resort we stayed at in Cyprus.  I loved Cyprus... we arrived just as a red sun set in a dusty sky - what a welcome!  Cyprus was hot like I've never felt hot before - but they had great shopping, great entertainment, great food, great people, great weather...
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Here's a beautiful Oranguatan at the Singapore Zoo.  (This one's for you Steve Irwin "the Crocodile Hunter" who sadly died today).
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This is the house OH and I spontaneously purchased in Rye, Sussex (oh did I mention, in our dreams!?!!).Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here's a rare photo of me with my eyes open, on the beautiful Antrim coast in Northern Ireland.
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I will add some more photos to my Webshots album over the weekend.  If anyone is interested I will post a link once done.

Unfortunately, I didn't do any stitching on holiday - but I did raid JEMs in Canterbury, and picked up a few magazines on my travels too - so I was thinking about stitching, if nothing else.

I have briefly looked at a few blogs, it looks like there's been lots of stitching and blogging going on - I have a lot to catch up with!


Karoline said...

Welcome back, your photo's are lovely

Carol said...

Oh my goodness - your holiday looks like it was just lovely :-)

Carto said...

Wow these pictures are great - I'm glad you've had a good time. I've just come back from a week in Scotland and boy do I have post holiday blues or what?! You've done very well not to get them so far.

I nearly keeled over when I heard the news about Steve Irwin today - I loved his shows. Have a good week :) xx

Lisa said...

Your holiday photos are lovely.
You certainly did a lot of travelling, I'd need another holiday to recover ;o)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Rowyn :o)

Nice photos so far, it sounds like you had a grand time :o)

AnneS said...

It's nice to see you home again ... I'm just catching up on blog reading since Mum's gone back home ... great piccies :D Sounds like you had a wonderful time :)