Friday, June 16, 2006

Squishy Chicken

It is amazing what people search for on the internet. I was checking out my blog stats and saw someone found my blog because they were searching for 'squishy chicken'. This of course relates to my earlier post re 5 things I have in my handbag.

This is my squishy chicken....

I don't know (nor do I want to know) if the term 'squishy chicken' refers to anything more sordid, so I hope the searcher knows that this is a stitching blog!! LOL

I agree Nicki, those snow leopards were stunning. I read that the camerman was brought to tears while filming them, realising he had some very rare and precious footage. (Didn't he just!)

I haven't answered a Stitching Blogger's Question before, because I've never taken the time to find out where these are posted. But I saw this question on Margaret's blog and thought I would answer.

How many cross stitch books do you own and how often do you use them?

I have five:

Donna Kooler's 555 Fabulous Cross Stitch Patterns
Jo Verso's Cross Stitch Year
Jo Verso's World of Cross Stitch
Ultimate Floral Cross Stitch
and (as can be seen in my last post) The New Cross Stitch Sampler Book

I've used them quite a number of times, especially 'Jo Verso's Cross Stitch Year'. I love looking through them and pull them out quite often for a flip through. I'm really looking forward to stitching some designs from the Sampler book I bought on Wednesday. I guess I would buy more books if they were more widely available and weren't so expensive.


Christine Doyle said...

Cute chicken. I have a cow that does the same thing. My children love it!

You and I also have the same Donna Kooler book. A squishy and a book... coincidence? ;)

You can join the yahoo group to receive the weekly SBQ:

StitchCat said...

We have a few of the same books/authors. They are great books for getting small ideas from.

Jane said...

I wonder if they were disappointed with their search for "squishy chicken"?? LOL

artystitches said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog :o)

what a weird thing to do a search for 'squishy chicken' hehehe

Lisa said...

I was also wondering where the SBQ originated and thank you for your comments on my blog

Barbara said...

I especially like the older "vintage" pattern books with antique samplers and motifs. I love looking through them for inspiration and a feeling of connection with the women who created them so long ago.

AnneS said...

Nice collection of books - and I love the squishy chicken ... complete with hatching egg from it's bum ;P haha.

Carto said...

'Squishy Chicken'....the mind truly does boggle!

I really like your blog. I've just been reading your previous posts - I have just bookmarked you!

Thank you for your kind words by the way. I've just got back from Ireland and I've been reading the other comments left too. Thank you for taking the time to comment. My friends, including my friends in the stitching blogger community have been brilliant. It's good to know that there are lovely people out there like you. Thanks again! x

Little Grey Cat said...

LOL at squishy chicken! You're so right though, people do search for the strangest things!