Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Losing it

Do you find in this technological day and age that there are just too many passwords to remember? I couldn't for the life of me remember how to get into my voicemail at work on Monday, today I couldn't get into my online banking which I was only in yesterday (I didn't even realise I'd forgotten my password until I was locked out and had to phone the bank)... I fear my brain is having a password meltdown.

One thing I haven't forgotten is how good a new stitchy purchase is - especially when the items are discounted. LOL. I picked up this book in a sale yesteray it has quite a few nice designs in it, and then I arrived home to find a CraftWeb catalogue to browse through. A lot of people have a glass of wine while cooking the dinner... not me last night it was wooden spoon in one hand and the CraftWeb catalogue in the other.

Have any Kiwi readers been watching the BBC series 'Planet Earth' on Sunday's at 8.30 pm (on Prime?). Wow! If you want to be reminded of what an amazing and beautiful planet we live on it is sooo worth watching. But right now I'm off to watch the start of 'The Amazing Race'. Hope you're all having a great stitchy week.


Jane said...

Oooh dear - that's a sign of age you know... ;o)

artystitches said...

I know exactly what you mean about the password senario, i have so many i have to log them all in a book!

It is getting ridiculous imagine 5 years from now we will probably have another 100 added to the ones we have already to remeber.

so i sympathise with the password meltdown it has happened to me many a time.

Nicki said...

I've been watching Planet Earth - weren't those snow leopards stunning? And I'm watching The Amazing Race too!

Carol said...

Oh my gosh! What a relief (of sorts) to learn I am not the only one who cannot remember a password to save my life!! I used to use all one password, till it got cracked by a hacker on ebay - now I have too many passwords and it is the most frustrating experience to try to get onto a site or into an account... you have my sympathies Nicki!!

Lisa said...

can sympathize … I now keep all my passwords in a book, it's so much easier than trying to remember the lesser used ones and at my age I need all the help I can get...;o)