Saturday, May 06, 2006

Introducing Tess' worst nightmare....

Our wee Tess is a pretty feisty soul who isn't afraid of anything, or so we thought, until we pulled out this old draft stop last night. She's been doing a lot of walking backwards away from it in the past 24 hours! LOL

I've had a good stitching week (mostly due to not being online so much while OH was using the computer to do an assignment for his business management course), so here's my progress on Damask Roses. I've really found my va-va voom again.

Now for something a little different. Are you drawn (either conciously or sub-conciously) to embroidered items? I have realised recently that I have a few items that fit in with my stitching interests, even though that wasn't the reason I chose them.

This is a bag I bought recently for when I go on holiday in July...

This is a summer blouse I have which has embroidery around the neckline and arms. I can't show the whole thing because it's not ironed :-)

These are some summer pants I bought when I lived overseas. These pants caused a stir in Bali... I was walking around a mall in Denpasar and there were people tapping their friends and whispering and pointing at the embroidery on my pants. This puzzles and amuses me to this day!

This is my purse which also has beading on it...

And finally, this is a purse on a string which my Dad bought me back from a trip to India. It currently houses my iPod.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Nicki said...

Aww, poor Tess! It is a bit of a fierce draft stop! LOL!

And I have to say I LOVE embroidered items - clothes, bags, bed linen, earrings (I had a beautiful pair of textile earrings once but I lost one!), anything really!

StitchCat said...

I seem to be drawn towards embroidered things too. Your progress on Damask Roses is looking good.

Hala said...

run into your blog ,Very nice items .
Yeah most of my bags have embroidery on them! just love it..
have a nice day