Saturday, May 27, 2006

Little to no progress on all fronts...

I have started my exchange piece, but am really feeling unmotivated about it (which is why progress is slow). I think because I've had to adapt it to fit the required size and am not feeling confident that I'll be happy with the finished product.

For anyone wondering about how the cats are getting on with the cat door. One cat has used it of their own accord - but it wasn't one of our cats, it was wee Blackie from down the road! LOL. I'm sure my lot think it is a device of torture, rather than something installed for their enjoyment and freedom. We've now got them using it with the flap propped up which is a start.

Not much other news, so I pinched this quiz from Zohrah's blog

1) What is your occupation? IT at an IP law firm (although I know more about IP than I do IT at the moment)
2) What colour are your socks right now? Navy blue
3) What are you listening to now? The hum of the lap top and Tess (my constant companion!) purring
4) What was the last thing you ate? A piece of chocolate cake for dessert (I made it, it wasn't great)
5) Favourite colour? Blue
6) Music Preference? Pop/Rock
7) Last person you talked to on the phone? My Mum
8) How old are you today? 31 years and 10 months
9) Favourite drink? Diet coke
10) What is your favorite sport to watch? Olympics, Commonwealth Games, rugby sometimes (OH is sports mad, I'm much less so)
11) Have you ever dyed your hair? Yup
12) Do you wear contacts or glasses? Neither
13) Pets? 3 cats
14) What will you stay home to watch? Bad Girls
15) What was the best movie you have seen lately? White Noise (for ages I've been saying to OH that I want to see a movie that will really scare me... well, ask and you shall receive, it was sufficiently creepy and gave me lots of goosebumps!)
16) What is your favourite day of the year? Family birthdays
17) What do you do to vent your anger? I'm a door slammer from way back LOL
18) What was your favourite toy as a child? Roller skates (I always wanted the boot skates, but only ever had the strap your feet in variety!)
19) Vanilla/Chocolate? Chocolate
20) Living arrangements? My fiancee and I own our own home
21) When was the last time you cried? Got teary eyed watching a programme earlier in the week - 'Special Investigators'. A documentary where they investigate accidents soon after they happen - they sometimes speak to the families who are still very raw with grief, as they did this week. The last time I had a full on cry was months ago.
22) What did you do last night? Started watching the movie 'Alexander' but then went to bed early because I was very tired
23) Favourite smell? 'Fantasy by Britney Spears' perfume... it is scrummylicious!
24) What inspires you? Strong people who make the most out of what ever little they have
25) Least favourite person right now? Nobody

Hope you're having a great stitchy weekend!

Monday, May 22, 2006

All things feline

It sounds like the news article gave a few of you a good chuckle!

I had a great craft weekend out in the wops with big sis and lil sis. K inherited a lot of fabric from her friend's Grandmother, so there was lots to choose from... I ended up making a blue country-style cat. Of course, it wasn't planned that way it just eventuated! I am quite chuffed with it.

While I was gone OH installed a cat door for the felines of the house. Here's OH trying to entice Meg through with some schnitzel. They're kind of curious, but also very confused. Once they get used to it though, they'll love it (and so will we, because we won't have to play doorman and doorwoman all night!).

Tonight I definitely plan to start on my exchange piece. I have all the stuff, I just need to cut the fabric and get started.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Thank heavens for heaters, fleeces, electric blankets, warm cats and toasty OH's - it's been so cold for the past week or so. The surrounding hills have even had their first good coating of snow for the year. My thoughts keep straying to Cyprus and imagining how hot and roasty I'll be in just a few months. Ahhhh....

It's been so cold in fact that some Irises I have in a pot which used to belong to my Grandmother think they've already been through a full Winter, and one has actually flowered (in May!!??). Not that I mind... I adore Spring flowers. It was nice to see some pictures of the Keukenhof Gardens on some recent blogs. I went there in April 1999 and it was absolutely stunning, almost surreal.

On the stitching front I still haven't started the exchange piece, but the mailing deadline is a few weeks away so there's no pressure yet (provided I can actually put down Damask Roses!). I had to reverse stitch half of her face the other night, I was half a stitch out and it really put a kink in things. My visit from the frog didn't dint my enthusiasm for this piece one iota though, yay me!

This weekend my sisters and I are having a 'craft sleepover' at my older sister's house. K's hubby is away and she lives in a semi-rural/bush location, so me and lil' sis' are going to keep her company and have some sewing fun. The aim of it all is to produce some applique-come-quilting type pictures. It's been described to me as drawing a picture on backing fabric, then using pieces of material to create the picture on the front using a combination of some adhesive spray and a sewing machine. I'm taking with me a photocopied enlargement of a photo of Meg's face, in the hope of creating something reminiscent of her (or at least reminiscent of a cat LOL). If it doesn't turn out too terribly badly, I may share a pic on Sunday. I think I'd better pack my cross stitch in my overnight bag though, in case things go pear-shaped! :-)

Earlier in the week I placed an order for some clothing from a mail order company. Some of the items arrived today... it didn't occur to me until quite some time after I'd tried it on that the denim jacket I bought again has embroidery on it. I think I'm subconciously obsessed!!

There was a story in the news today which really cracked me up. If you want to laugh at how small incidents can snowball click here

Have a great weekend, and hope you are warm and happy wherever you may be!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Roll on Friday....

I've been beavering away on Damask Roses. I really have to put this down soon to get on with an exchange which is to be posted out next month. I hope the break doesn't ruin the huge va-va voom I have for this piece at the moment.

The other piece of fabric is my latest installment from CountryStitch's Rainbow Club. It is called 'Feijoa'. I quite like the colour, although mine seems to have a brown hue in several places... I'm not sure if it is supposed to be like that?

Thanks for all the comments on the photo of the Dragon Slayer. :-)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tess the Dragon Slayer

... or maybe a moment of bravado for the camera?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Introducing Tess' worst nightmare....

Our wee Tess is a pretty feisty soul who isn't afraid of anything, or so we thought, until we pulled out this old draft stop last night. She's been doing a lot of walking backwards away from it in the past 24 hours! LOL

I've had a good stitching week (mostly due to not being online so much while OH was using the computer to do an assignment for his business management course), so here's my progress on Damask Roses. I've really found my va-va voom again.

Now for something a little different. Are you drawn (either conciously or sub-conciously) to embroidered items? I have realised recently that I have a few items that fit in with my stitching interests, even though that wasn't the reason I chose them.

This is a bag I bought recently for when I go on holiday in July...

This is a summer blouse I have which has embroidery around the neckline and arms. I can't show the whole thing because it's not ironed :-)

These are some summer pants I bought when I lived overseas. These pants caused a stir in Bali... I was walking around a mall in Denpasar and there were people tapping their friends and whispering and pointing at the embroidery on my pants. This puzzles and amuses me to this day!

This is my purse which also has beading on it...

And finally, this is a purse on a string which my Dad bought me back from a trip to India. It currently houses my iPod.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!