Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nearly Easter...

One more day of work and then a four day weekend. Wippppeeeee! My work usually put on hot cross buns and choccy eggs for morning tea the day before Good Friday, so I'm looking forward to that tomorrow! LOL

I had a small finish this week, but I won't call it a happy dance because it is a sympathy card. It turned out rather pretty I thought (the scanner didn't do too bad at capturing it either). It is a Victorian posy design from an issue of Stitcher's World.

I spent ages (and I mean ages) looking through all my charts and magazines trying to find something appropriate. I'm beginning to think I'm really picky, as I have this problem every time I want to stitch something specific! :-)


AnneS said...

I'm sure your card will be treasured by the recipient :D Hope you have a great Easter ... after stuffing yourself with hot cross buns and Easter egg haha :D

bunnyhead said...

It's beautiful. And totally appropriate. I have the same problem with picking pieces. I end up buying a handful of charts everytime there is anything specific I need. Nothing I have in my stash seems to do.