Saturday, April 08, 2006

Her Ladyship returns...

Yup, I've finally dragged Lady Leona out of my stitching drawers. Some of you may recall I was a bit huffy when I ran out of thread, and although Dimensions kindly sent me some more it was several shades darker than the original (as can be seen in the pic below). When I finished Tiger Reflection last year (also a Dimensions kit) there was some brown thread left over which I thought might fit the bill. So I did some unpicking, tried the thread and it is a far closer match. I'm very happy about that! It would probably have annoyed me for all time had I left the darker thread in.

I haven't picked up DT's Cat's Meow yet to attempt the couching again, I don't feel like revisiting the frustration just yet. OH said if stitching didn't challenge me occasionally I wouldn't enjoy it... you can tell he doesn't know about the pleasure of having HDs! LOL

I bought this issue of Cross Stitch Crazy this week. There were only two designs which vaguely appealed... Lickle Ted and an Art Nouveau Lady. I don't know that I would stitch either of them though. The Art Nouveau Lady looks like she is sulking, I think if I were to stitch her I would have to rechart her mouth so she looked a little cheerier.

I received my latest Rainbow Club installment from Countrystitch today. I was hoping I might get a neutral shade, and this is perfect. It is 'Oyster' (as can be seen in the pic below) from the Kiwi Illusions range. My credit card expired last month, and it didn't even occur to me to let Countrystitch know my new expiry date... so if you are joined up to a club like this it is worth bearing in mind so that there is no interruption/delay to your stash acquisition.

We had another little bird (a Waxeye) fly into the window today. We put it in a box and closed the curtains in one of the spare rooms to let it recover. And recover it did, when OH went back to check on it an hour or so later it was sitting on top of the curtain rail! Unfortunately for the birds, our lounge room windows are very large and it wasn't the only one to do this today (although the other bird flew away luckily). We will have to think about how we can stop this happening, maybe hang a wind ornament outside... it's seriously not fair to the wildlife!

Not long until Easter, I'm really looking forward to some time off work! :-)

Hope you are having a great weekend!


AnneS said...

I remember Leona's dark thread, and you're right this looks much better! :D Sorry to hear about your battered birds again - they obviously love your place! :)

Kim said...

Lady Leona looks so lovely! Sorry to hear about the thread problems never a good thing.

I think your idea of a wind chime in front of the window would probably work or something shiny to let them know to veer off. :)