Saturday, April 29, 2006

Great weather... for ducks

The whole of New Zealand seems to be getting a good soaking at the moment. Many places are flooded in both the North and South Islands. I don't know of any flooding in the Wellington area, so for me it just means more stitching time. (Although, I'm really glad I've got some Northern Hemisphere sunshine to look forward to in less than 3 months. I occasionally get a flutter of excitement, although most of the time the holiday just seems like it's still a long way in the future).

Here's a few magazines I've bought recently and a Clover cutter which was a little pressie from my Mum. She's ordered us some Fiskar scissor sharpeners too, which will be great - but she's still awaiting their arrival.

Some of my stitching mojo is still on the loose, but I have been doing a little stitching this week. Yay. Instead of bouncing around from one project to another (and getting nothing accomplished) I will stick to Damask Roses for now and try and make some good progress on her. Here she is at the moment (you can click the photo for a slightly better view) -

This week I put a cross stitch chart on TradeMe, the auction ends today and so far no bidders! Hmmph. I haven't sold on TradeMe before (although I sold a few bits on Ebay when I lived overseas) so decided to just put one item on to begin with to see how it went, but it looks like I might have to put a few more things up to get going. I thought a Bent Creek chart for NZ$5 would be a steal for a stitcher, but obviously not! LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. FlossLady asked what the event was re the fancydress post and photo. It was a Country & Western themed Xmas party. :-)


zoeandcooper said...

Great progress on DR. I love the blues it it!!

artystitches said...

i have been feeling the same way in regards to my large projects i amy just choose one to work on and get some progress done on that.

liz said...

Hi Rowyn, thanks for reading my blog and your nice comments.
I know what you mean about your mojo, I feel like that sometimes. I find that I have to choose one project to focus on, and put the others away out of sight. When I see progress on my main piece it then spurs me on.

Carol said...

Wow, Damask Roses is getting pretty big now :-)