Saturday, April 29, 2006

Great weather... for ducks

The whole of New Zealand seems to be getting a good soaking at the moment. Many places are flooded in both the North and South Islands. I don't know of any flooding in the Wellington area, so for me it just means more stitching time. (Although, I'm really glad I've got some Northern Hemisphere sunshine to look forward to in less than 3 months. I occasionally get a flutter of excitement, although most of the time the holiday just seems like it's still a long way in the future).

Here's a few magazines I've bought recently and a Clover cutter which was a little pressie from my Mum. She's ordered us some Fiskar scissor sharpeners too, which will be great - but she's still awaiting their arrival.

Some of my stitching mojo is still on the loose, but I have been doing a little stitching this week. Yay. Instead of bouncing around from one project to another (and getting nothing accomplished) I will stick to Damask Roses for now and try and make some good progress on her. Here she is at the moment (you can click the photo for a slightly better view) -

This week I put a cross stitch chart on TradeMe, the auction ends today and so far no bidders! Hmmph. I haven't sold on TradeMe before (although I sold a few bits on Ebay when I lived overseas) so decided to just put one item on to begin with to see how it went, but it looks like I might have to put a few more things up to get going. I thought a Bent Creek chart for NZ$5 would be a steal for a stitcher, but obviously not! LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. FlossLady asked what the event was re the fancydress post and photo. It was a Country & Western themed Xmas party. :-)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter exchange

I received this beautiful scissor fob from Vicki in England in an Easter exchange. It is stitched over one and is embellished with shiny pink beads and three little love heart buttons. It is just adorable! I don't think Vicki reads my blog, but thanks all the same Vicki - I love it!

I hope everyone out there is enjoying their Easter break (and getting lots of stitching done).

Friday, April 14, 2006

A little kitty and a little HD

Since so many stitchers out there are cat lovers, and because I just find her so darn cute... here's a photo of my sister's new kitty 'Misty'.

OH is away for half of the long weekend, so I managed to start and finish this Hedgehog design today before heading out for the evening. I stitched it with Needle Necessities, no#130 (the thread colour doesn't seem to have a fancy name like so many hand and over-dyed threads). I like how it turned out, although I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I am planning on buying a sewing machine after I return from my holiday, so maybe I'll use it as a practice piece (since it didn't take long to stitch, if I fluff up it's not the end of the world).

(Click pic for better view)

PS. The Hedgehog is a free design from The Workbasket and is still available, along with some other nice freebies.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nearly Easter...

One more day of work and then a four day weekend. Wippppeeeee! My work usually put on hot cross buns and choccy eggs for morning tea the day before Good Friday, so I'm looking forward to that tomorrow! LOL

I had a small finish this week, but I won't call it a happy dance because it is a sympathy card. It turned out rather pretty I thought (the scanner didn't do too bad at capturing it either). It is a Victorian posy design from an issue of Stitcher's World.

I spent ages (and I mean ages) looking through all my charts and magazines trying to find something appropriate. I'm beginning to think I'm really picky, as I have this problem every time I want to stitch something specific! :-)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Her Ladyship returns...

Yup, I've finally dragged Lady Leona out of my stitching drawers. Some of you may recall I was a bit huffy when I ran out of thread, and although Dimensions kindly sent me some more it was several shades darker than the original (as can be seen in the pic below). When I finished Tiger Reflection last year (also a Dimensions kit) there was some brown thread left over which I thought might fit the bill. So I did some unpicking, tried the thread and it is a far closer match. I'm very happy about that! It would probably have annoyed me for all time had I left the darker thread in.

I haven't picked up DT's Cat's Meow yet to attempt the couching again, I don't feel like revisiting the frustration just yet. OH said if stitching didn't challenge me occasionally I wouldn't enjoy it... you can tell he doesn't know about the pleasure of having HDs! LOL

I bought this issue of Cross Stitch Crazy this week. There were only two designs which vaguely appealed... Lickle Ted and an Art Nouveau Lady. I don't know that I would stitch either of them though. The Art Nouveau Lady looks like she is sulking, I think if I were to stitch her I would have to rechart her mouth so she looked a little cheerier.

I received my latest Rainbow Club installment from Countrystitch today. I was hoping I might get a neutral shade, and this is perfect. It is 'Oyster' (as can be seen in the pic below) from the Kiwi Illusions range. My credit card expired last month, and it didn't even occur to me to let Countrystitch know my new expiry date... so if you are joined up to a club like this it is worth bearing in mind so that there is no interruption/delay to your stash acquisition.

We had another little bird (a Waxeye) fly into the window today. We put it in a box and closed the curtains in one of the spare rooms to let it recover. And recover it did, when OH went back to check on it an hour or so later it was sitting on top of the curtain rail! Unfortunately for the birds, our lounge room windows are very large and it wasn't the only one to do this today (although the other bird flew away luckily). We will have to think about how we can stop this happening, maybe hang a wind ornament outside... it's seriously not fair to the wildlife!

Not long until Easter, I'm really looking forward to some time off work! :-)

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm having issues...

... with my stitching that is, although I now have issues with the scanner too. It's done a horrible job of the photo beneath.

The stitching on DT's 'Cat's Meow' has been done for a few days now, but the couching of the mouse tails is frustrating me no end. Couching looked like it would be really easy, but I keep getting in a right tangle. The fact I have one mouse tail done is just sheer luck. Does anyone out there have any handy tips?

I'll be sure to post a better photo when my sister gives me my digital camera back. I let her borrow it so she could take some photos of her new wee kitten. She is pure white, about six weeks old and just so cute.

I received an Easter exchange package on the weekend. It came via my neighbour, because it had been addressed to their street number and not mine. I got a call from my Mum saying 'did you get your parcel?'... and I'm like 'what parcel?'. Apparently the neighbour called my Mum after poking around in the phonebook and asking her if there was a Rowyn in her family. How kind that she went to the effort of phoning someone (she probably struck it lucky first time as I think Mum and Dad are the only ones of our surname in the book), and didn't just send it back to where it came from. I found it on the doorstep on Saturday night. I'll be sure to share a photo of the exchange come Easter time.