Sunday, March 26, 2006

Especially for Carol & anyone else in need of a laugh

Here's OH in his fish outfit before he headed out last night. And to think that this man used to patrol the troubled streets of Northern Ireland as a policeman. LOL

Although OH knows I have a blog, I don't know if he's ever stopped in to read about my stitching... I guess I will know for sure soon enough after posting this! :-)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

FOUND: One stitching bug

Hooray, after a couple of weeks of no stitching I've found the bug again.  Here's what I've been stitching on for the last two evenings, it is 'The Cat's Meow' by the Drawn Thread.  I'm loving the bright colours after all that blue on Damask Roses (the only time I've touched DR in the past month or so was today... when I picked it up and put it away in my stitching drawers!).
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OH is out at a fancy dress party tonight, he hired a costume and went as a Fish.  His friends weren't expecting him to go, let alone go in such an outrageous costume... so it will be great to hear how everyone reacted.  I was invited, but preferred a night in... to do some stitching (of course)... and boy I'm glad I did, it is one cold night out there. 

Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, March 17, 2006

The great Kiwi knit-off

I was up at my Mum's last weekend, because it had been so long since I knitted I couldn't remember how to cast on. So I began... and then my sister decided she wanted to knit her friend a scarf for her birthday (she's 28, but still a typical little sister!!). We joked about who would get finished first because she was finding it really difficult (her wool is not only fluffy but has a kink all the way through it too), but it soon became a full on competition. We have been knitting away furiously and sending one another PXT all week with our progress... of course she is winning as she has had more time on her hands with a few days off work, but I don't believe she is finished yet so maybe I still stand a chance!? :-) Anyway, my progress is in the photo below.

I don't think knitting will ever really be my thing, but I have been enjoying it and feel tempted to try something a bit more adventurous than a scarf next time.

I haven't felt too much like stitching lately, and still haven't done any since I finished 'Love'. However, I felt like a walk at lunchtime today... and what better place to walk to than the magazine shop... I came away with the newly titled 'Cross Stitch & Neelework' (previously Stitcher's World) and a very unsual choice for me - 'Cross Country Stitching'. While the religious nature of the magazine isn't my thing, I really love the bright colours and country-style designs. There are 26 'Shaker Folk' in this issue. They're brightly coloured country people who are knitting, stitching, bee keeping, quilting, collecting apples etc and they all have little birds, cats and bunnies in them. I might have to look more closely at this magazine in future!

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em... here's my favourite mugs. They're never used as I hardly ever drink hot drinks at home, but I love them nonetheless.

Daylight savings ends here this weekend. Yay for the extra stitching hour we will receive on Sunday, but it will be boo hoo as we say goodbye to summer and the long hours of daylight.

Have a great stitchy weekend!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


I think I can recall what stitching is... it seems like ages since I did any. It's been busy down here which isn't condusive with stitching.

Last weekend I went to a house warming/fancy dress party. The theme was 'A Little Bit Country', so I went as a wool bale. It is amazing what you can do with a sack, a cardboard box, a wig and some polyester stuffing. I thought it was a hoot of an idea, but felt like a bit of a plonker once people I didn't know started arriving.

I didn't feel as silly as the time I went to a work fancy dress party mind you. The theme that night was western. Doofus here decided she wanted to go as a cactus, and along with my two very creative sisters we came up with a cactus outfit made out of green furry material and pipe cleaners. It was a great outfit, but everyone else looked really tame so I felt really embarassed! But guess what? Later in the night two other cacti turned up. LOL.

We've also been finishing off our holiday plans this week. I can't believe how fast this year is going... our holiday is going to be here in no time, and probably over in no time too. It has been three and a half years since I've been overseas, so I'm very, very excited... especially about going to Cyprus. We're flying out of Dublin for this trip, so it will be the first time my OH has set foot in the south... he's not looking forward to it. LOL I'm hoping that once he's done it for the first time, that we might actually venture back over the border to see what the Republic of Ireland has to offer.

My Mum has been in hospital this week, so I've spent a couple of evenings in visiting. She has arthritis in her feet and had an operation to straighten up the bones (she should be pain free and back to near-enough-normal in a few months), so she's going to be out of action for a while. She has a cast on one leg and a huge bandage on the other. Just as well she's a stitcher and that it wasn't her hands she had arthritis in! :-)

I'm still going great guns with my driving. This week I started driving home from work so I've had to tackle the motorway. Kiwi drivers are really helping me improve my driving skills and testing my reflexes, because they are so very terrible. My new pet peeve is drivers who speed up and overtake you at the end of the merging lane... it's so horribly dangerous and scarey. I hope I never become a road menace.

I'll finish up on a stitchy note... this month's Rainbow Club arrived from Country Stitch earlier in the week. It is called 'Wintergreen'. I have a project in mind for it... it is a Pollyanna Pickering chart of a Dormouse which appears in one of my magazines. But I'll have to take another look at the chart to see if it is likely to look OK.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Thanks for tagging me Lulu and Polo. My name is Tess, and here are six things I love to do -

1. Man-made toys really just aren't my saucer of milk. I prefer my toys with a bit of vigeur, so I generally just try and play with Meg and Giggsy (my adopted brother and sister). They don't like my young, boisterous ways much so the only way I can get them to play is by tapping them on the leg as they walk past or throwing myself at them and biting them around the juggular! If I can't find Meg or Giggsy I enjoy chasing my own tail and running around the house like a nutter. The kitchen floor is especially fun because I haven't figured out how to walk on lino yet, so I slip and slide all over the show when I'm at top speed.

Usually when I'm done I just follow Meg around, this has lead to one of my nicknames 'Shadow'.

2. Summer. I love summer... there are so many more gifts around that I can take home to surprise my adoring family. I especially like cicadas and the clicky noises they make, and the slippery lizards are always fun to play with (indoors or out!). The family never seem too appreciative, but it's fun catching them over and over.

3. I like to follow Mum around all over the show. I like surfing the net with her (here's a pic of me helping), having her chase me around the house (and chasing her too, sometimes like the other night I pop up out of nowhere and give her the heebie geebies), sitting on her lap while she is trying to stitch and pushing open the door of the littlest room in the house (I don't know why I feel the need to keep her company in there, but I do).

4. My all time favourite thing to do is eat. I adore food... I can hear when someone is in the kitchen from anywhere within at least a one mile radius. When Mum and Dad come home from work Meg is always at the door first, but I am really feisty and always push my way into the front of the kitchen queue and usually get fed first. I mostly just like tinned cat food and fresh meat, but I enjoy a few chippie crumbs once in a while. After a good feed I usually just kark out for a while...

5. If you read Mum's blog regularly you will know that one of my other interests is biting people... usually Mum (Dad is a lot scarier than Mum, he's got a loud booming voice and a funny accent). Sometimes I just give love nips, where I mean no harm. Other times I bite just 'cos I want to and 'cos I can. I am a year old now, you know. Then I just look all cute, sweet and innocent so they don't stay angry with me for long.

6. I also love snuggling with Mum and Dad when I'm not in their bad books. I usually let my tongue hang out and the drool run free. I'm not old enough to be trusted to have the run of the house at night when Mum and Dad are sleeping (they think I'll play and wake them up), so I have my own room with a double bed and a heater for the chilly nights but it is always great to be let in to their room for morning cuddles and snuggles.

I'm going to tag
Ollie and Smudge (co-owners of Natty)
Raphael and Xena (co-owners of Jenny)
Jade (owner of Vash)
Gig & the gang (owners of Carol)
Maisie (owner of Lisa)
... and anyone else who would like to let their cat loose on their PC :-)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Share the Love...

Here's the LOVE freebie I stitched over the weekend. I haven't personalised it yet, I will need to find the right alphabet to ensure it doesn't end up looking 'too busy'. I see that this freebie is still available at Stitchin Inspiration if you too want to stitch it. click here

Here's a glum looking Miss Meggymoos on Monday before her trip to the vets on Tuesday. It turns out she had been bitten, but even the vet couldn't find the wound. However, it was the secondary infection and a temperature of 44 degrees (I don't know what it usually is for cats, but it sounds awfully high) that made her lose her va va voom. This morning she was busy chasing 'Manky' (the tom that always hangs around, and whom is probably responsible for her injury and illness) down the driveway so she's obviously feeling a whole lot perkier. I'm so glad it wasn't anything more serious.