Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine Exchange

Here's my Aion Valentine exchange pressie from Eva in the USA. Thanks Eva! :-)

I didn't show all the empty bags of lollies... I wouldn't want to look like I had too sweet of a tooth! LOL


Eva said...

I'm glad you liked my package! It was a very "sweet" exchange!


Jenna said...

Love the package. Love even more that you've already eaten all of the lollies! ;)

natty68 said...

Oooh you lucky thing :) Mmmm lollies..and you didnt share..hehehe.


Kristen said...

What a great gift to get for Valentines!

Ali B said...

Hello Rosie - thank you for visiting my Blog, it was lovely to welcome you to my 'stitchy-home' and I was honoured by your compliments about my stitching. So pleased you got great Valentine's gifts :-) I was delighted that you love Humphrey's Corner as I think those characters (Lotty especially) are adorable. My DH is currently in Hamilton attending a family wedding - we have spoken every day and your fab NZ photos on your blog helped me to picture the landscapes he has described - it make me long for next year as we are planning a "Big Trip" to NZ. It all sounds just dreamy over there. Bye for now Ali xx PS. Today is a big day as DH is doing a parachute jump (yes, he is mad!)