Monday, February 27, 2006

Sporty Spice is unwell

(Meg that is), so she's off to the vets tomorrow. She is usually such an active kitty, so the fact she slept most of the weekend is a very bad sign. I can't find any bite marks, so it is a little worrying. Baby Spice (Giggsy) and Scarey Spice (Tess) are just fine and dandy.

I've been working a little on Damask Roses lately, although I'm growing so tired of all the blue that I deviated at the weekend and started stitching a freebie called LOVE. It was OH's birthday yesterday and our five year anniversary of being together, so I'm also going to personalise it with our details. I'll share a photo once done.

Don't miss out on the first issue of the Gift of Stitching. There will be a new issue out in March, and the February issue will no longer be available. It's only US10 (about NZ$14) for a year's subscription, which is very reasonable. This link will take you to the website.

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Have a great week!


zoeandcooper said...

Sorry to hear that your kitty is unwell. It is so sad when my guys are out of sorts. Hope "Sporty Spice" feels better soon...btw love the nicknames:)

natty68 said...

Oh I do hope Meg isnt too bad - nothing worse than when your kitty's are unwell. You feel so useless. :(

*Hugs* to both you and Meg