Sunday, December 18, 2005

Xmas HD

Many thanks to Jennifer at Dragon Dreams for the freebie pattern which was up on her website this weekend. It's a real cutie -

It didn't take long. I started about 10pm on Friday night, then spent a couple of hours finishing it off on Saturday afternoon. I might even have a go at making it into an ornament over the holidays.

I can't wait until Santa delivers my scanner next weekend, it surely has to do better than my camera on the closeups.

I can completely understand that it is hard for people in the Northern Hemisphere to comprehend Christmas in Summer. My OH is from Northern Ireland, and even though he's had Christmas out here many a time (even before he met me) he still finds it strange. I am sure he won't be complaining on the day though, as if it's hot he can open his pressies and then jump in the pool. And of course a cold beer (of which he is very fond) always tastes better on a hot day! :-)


Isabelle said...

Aw so cute...

You're right, it's hard for us "Northerners" to get the atmosphere of a Christmas in summer. But honestly, winter depresses me so much that I am envious of you guys! ;)

Kim said...

That is a cute dragon and stitched up so fast! :D

I'm one of the ones that commented on the "strangeness" of Christmas in Summer and right about now I'm w/ Isabelle...I'd go for it. :D I've never been one of those White Xmas fanatics. ;D Right now warm weather and sitting by the pool sounds fantastic!