Monday, December 05, 2005

Rainbow Club

I love getting a piece of fabric in the mail each month from Country Stitch If you are thinking about joining, I can highly recommend it. It's great fun not knowing what beautiful colour will arrive next!

This month I received a piece of 'Ocean Blue' Lugana 32 count, as can be seen in the picture below which I borrowed from the CountryStitch website (my camera didn't do it justice, although in saying that it is still prettier than the picture from the website).

I think I will stitch a seahorse design by Cherry Parker (New Zealand designer) on this fabric.


AnneS said...

Ooh, that is a gorgeous colour! I'm picturing Mirabilia mermaids on it big time ... hmmm, may have to file that colour away in my diary for future reference ;)

Kristen said...

Beautiful Fabric! Can't wait to see what gracing it in the future.