Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pretty ... Pretty Expensive

I took my younger sister to a LNS today to see if there was something she wanted to go with her other Christmas present.  Nothing took her fancy, but look what I found while I was waiting for her to browse...
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Of all the times I've been in this shop (which is, as you can imagine, quite a few times) I never knew they did overdyed threads.  They have Needle Necessities and Caron threads (albeit not a great selection).  I'm not sure if these are the exact Needle Necessities shades I need to finish 'For the Birds' - but they are close enough.  They sure weren't cheap though.  I looked for similar colours in the Caron threads which were a few dollars cheaper, but I was drawn back to these two lovelies!


zoeandcooper said...

OOOOHHH!! they are so pretty. Why does all this wonderful stash have to be so expensive:( But it makes me so happy!

AnneS said...

Unfortunately they're not cheap, but I love NN flosses - the good thing with them, though, is you get loads of strands with them ... some of the others, like GA Sampler Threads, only have about 5 strands of thread - so I try to convince myself that the NN is in fact much better value for money ;) Hope the colours work out for you :)