Friday, December 16, 2005

It's a raining frogs...

My stitching hasn't been progressing very well at all lately (hence no blog updates). I couldn't find the mistake in 'For the Birds', so my Mum took it away and managed to locate not one but two frogs!

In the meantime I pulled out Lily of the Valley which hasn't been worked on in quite some time. I decided I'd stitch the year on this sampler as 2005 to encourage me to finish it this year, although as I told OH I'd probably be better off stitching 2010 at the rate I'm frogging right now!

I can't believe that we're only a week away from Christmas now. I'm sooo looking forward to a few weeks off work. I hope I might get a fair bit of stitching done too, although sometimes the hot humid weather (like we are having right now) zaps the stitching bug right out of me.

Here's a photo of my little shadow. I just can't go anywhere without being followed, here she is helping me with my blog surfing (bless her!).


natty68 said...

Lily of the Valley is looking good hon..I'm sure you will have her finished before the end of the year :)

Aww bless the little kitty, she definately looks like she is reading the blogs..:)

Kim said...

Your project looks great and I do sympathsize about the frogs. I often have buckets of them. :)

I had to chuckle about the "heat/humidity" comment. It's hard to imagine it's not FREEZING COLD everywhere. LOL I have a hard time imagining celebrating Xmas in hot weather. I really don't! :D

Your kitty is very adorable, I love black cats. :)

Gina E. said...

ANOTHER black cat! So many ladies who blog and stitch (or stitch and blog..) have black cats, as do I. Soooo cute!

AnneS said...

Darn those frogs!! Where do they come from? There must be an epidemic, as I've had a plague of them this last week too ;) Lily of the Valley is looking lovely - and your DD little dragon ornament looks gorgeous :)