Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thanks for your comments

on Tiger Reflection. Your comments are always much appreciated.

I picked up this book on Hardanger in a sale today. I've been intrigued by Hardanger for a few years now, so now I've got some instructions I will be able to give it a whirl.

Now I just need to find another coupon so I can get 25% off the 'The New Anchor Book of Pulled Thread Embroidery Stitches', which is another in the series.

I also picked up a DVD in the sale - 'The Terminal' with Tom Hanks. It was cheap as it was, but with 25% off that too it was a steal. I love a bargain!


AnneS said...

I love The Terminal - it's such a great movie ... it's so amazing that it's all filmed in the one place! Those little Anchor books are great little books too - I've got the older versions of the canvaswork and hardanger ones.

Kathy said...

Ooo I would love to have a go of hardanger, maybe after christmas when I have more time I will give it a go there are a couple of charts I would love to try.

Your Tiger WIP looks great too hun look forward to seeing more of him

Hugs xxxxx