Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tell them to fly on by...

... the birds that is. Another casualty today, sadly this one didn't make it and died in my hands. It was especially upsetting because it was bleeding badly and I was home on my own and didn't know what on earth to do for it. So much for being prepared after the last time.

On to cheerier topics... later in the day my Mum and I went tootling around the shops. I bought a couple of lovely Pellegoniums (sp?) - flowering plants - for my pots. I'm trying to create a cottage look on our patio, with lots of colour. I'm slowly getting there and it's starting to look rather nice - everything seems to be so lush at the moment (I even have strawberries growing on my ornamental strawberry plant).

We then took a run into Wellington and I picked up the two threads I didn't have for the Ladybug Needleroll (I don't think I've ever had all the threads needed to complete a design, I always need to go out and buy at least a couple), as well as some fabric and an additional box to keep my threads in. I now have two projects kitted and ready to go - Ladybug Needleroll and Woodland Santas. I hope I won't be too tempted to start either of these before Tiger Reflection is finished, although I am already thinking about it :0). And yes ladies, Ladybug Needleroll is indeed a Lorri Birmingham design.

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AnneS said...

Aha, Lorri Birmingham - I thought I recognised the stitching style! Sounds like your garden is coming along beautifully too - I love the bright red pelargoniums in a blue pot ... reminds me of Greece ... ah, sweet memories!