Friday, November 04, 2005

Small HD and some S.E.X.

Here's the wee All Our Yesterday's freebie which I finished this week. I'm back working on Tiger Reflection now.

Today I was at one of the LNS and came across this lovely little chart for a needleroll. I would love to make things out of my stitched pieces (other than cards and framed pics), so this is hopefully the start of a new dimension to my stitching (all going well of course). Both my sisters and my Mum have sewing machines... so maybe they can teach me a thing or two.

This Ladybug Needleroll comes with a sweet wee ladybug charm and four buttons.

I also got my latest piece of Rainbow Club fabric - Kiwi. It is lovely, and I already know what I plan to stitch on it... Woodland Santas by Prairie Schooler. OH worked out for me that I should get them all on my fabric with loads of room to spare (I don't trust my maths!) - so I took my chart to work today to make a working copy. I bought all the threads I need to stitch these four smallish designs a few months back, so I can start anytime. I must finish Tiger Reflection first though, I don't want to gather too many WIPS/UFOS.

Oh yes, the chart suggests stitching them over one - is this wise, or will it drive me around the bend? Would love to hear advice from anyone who has stitched pieces over one.

I've also had two New Zealand craft catalogues in the post, one yesterday and one today. I was most thrilled to see one of them as I have requested to be put on their mailing list numerous times over the last few years and this is the first time I've had one. In the past I've always looked at my Mums - I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but she is a keen cross stitcher too and loves stitching large pieces. It is lucky she has this hobby as soon she is going into hospital for an operation on both of her feet, and it is going to take her a few months to recover. Just as well it wasn't her hands, eh? :-)

I'm off to water the garden now, it's been so warm and dry lately that I've been watering regularly. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend ahead.


Isabelle said...

A very cute finish, and a very cute needleroll chart!

Have a great weekend!

AnneS said...

Your All our Yesterdays little piece is real cute :) And your needleroll is gorgeous - what designer is it? It looks familiar, but I can't make it out ... I'm having a fetish just lately for stitching 'smalls' so needlerolls etc intrigue me at the moment :))

Jenna said...

Nice work on the AOY freebie! It's very sweet. And the ladybug needleroll looks like a Lorri Birmingham design, is that correct?