Friday, November 18, 2005

It's Friday again!

Here's a pic of Tess with her tongue out. When she's relaxed and happy she likes to let it all hang out! :-)
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Here's some additions to my magazine collection which I bought yesterday. There isn't much in this issue of Cross Stitcher that appeals to me, but it is a wonderful issue of Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch and Beading. It has a lovely frog design, some very cute Kewpie dolls (I remember having a Kewpie doll when I was young!) and a whole lot more.
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We booked our tickets for our trip today and now have an intinerary (yay!). It always feels more real when you've paid and have an itinerary in your hot little hands. Still 8 months to go mind you! We decided we'd stop over in Singapore for two nights. We went there a few years ago on our way back from the UK, and loved it. Natty - Jems is the only one I know of in Canterbury too. I should have worded it better, as I probably got you all excited over nothing! :-) Have a great stitchy weekend everyone.


AnneS said...

Yay on booking your tickets - I think planning for holidays, especially long-haul ones, is great fun! I was eyeing up the latest Jill Oxton mag too - I adore green tree frogs ... still haven't decided whether to get it or not ... hmmm, decisions decisions ;)

Jenna said...

How exciting! Enjoy the process, along with the trip. :)

zoeandcooper said...

AWWWW, Tess is so adorable. I love her little tounge:)

Chris said...

Tess is such a cutie. Kitties look so silly when they stick their tounges out.

marie-paule said...

I love the two magazines!
please, where can I buy this? because I love India and the cats!
thank you and excuse my english

Nicki said...

Tess is adorable!! Polo sticks her tongue out too - they look so similar they could be sisters :)

Anonymous said...

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