Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Please do!

... make suggestions Christine. I have buyers-block, and suddenly all the cross stitching items I want when I am restraining have disappeared. At least I have some time as the sale is on until after the weekend.

It's been a glorious day here today, so OH and I braved the chilly depths of our pool to find out it was quite a lovely temperature after the initial shock. It's always cold getting in, even in the middle of summer. The cats have all had a swim since we bought this house (a year ago in December), it pleases me that they fell in of their own accord and got out of their own accord. I always had a fear that it might not turn out that way.

Tonight I am going to surf Stitching Bits & Bobs some more for my Xmas pressies, and carry on with Tiger Reflection. A little frog came to visit the tiger last night... I think I was laughing too hard and distracted at the movie White Chicks. So I have some unpicking to do. Ho hum!


AnneS said...

White Chicks cracked me up when I saw it too - good light entertainment for a night! Hopefully you'll be able to find something at SB&B - the amount you save on stash offsets the postage, that's for sure! I do the same, though - lust after things for months, then get given a voucher for the same store, and I can't find anything I want to buy ... weird! :)

Christine Doyle said...

Have you met my wishlist? There is a link on my blog. Feel free to splurge on me! I won't be offended - promise! lol

You can never go wrong stocking up on fabrics and other staples. Seems you always end up needing something and it's missing. I would suggest taking a couple hours to yourself and really peruse - loads of fun!

Be sure to let us know what you decide!

Nicki said...

Let us know what you decide! I bought Long Dog Samplers The Token and a couple of little things - it was just too good to miss!