Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ooh the pretty lights

As an animal lover, home owner and someone who is enamoured by my country's natural beauty this time of year is not my favourite... fireworks time. In New Zealand any person (sane or otherwise) over the age of 14 can buy fireworks for a period of 10 days leading up to Guy Fawke's night on the 5th of November. It's a scarey prospect. I hope one day sales to the general public will be banned, and only public displays like the spectacular one I saw tonight will be allowed. The best bit about tonight's display is I didn't even have to leave home, living on a hill meant I could see it from our dining room.

I've now decided on my Xmas present from my other half.... (drum roll please).... I chose ..... a scanner/printer/copier. No, Stitching Bits & Bobs haven't expanded their stock range - but with all my indecision I decided to go for my other idea and we found just the perfect one today. I already have two printers, it was the scanner part of it I wanted - but they just don't seem to make plain old scanners anymore! I also love old family photos, and want to scan the ones I have and do things with them... be it turn them into cross stitch patterns, make copies, blow them up, scrapbook them etc without having to harm the original. Roll on Christmas.

I started a new cross stitch last night, despite the fact I have several others on the go. It's just a little All Our Yesterdays freebie that came with Cross Stitcher recently... it's such a lovely change stitching on white after the time I've been spending stitching Tiger Reflection on black. It's so much easier on the eye and more relaxing. I think when it is finished I will send it to my Great Aunt in England - she always appreciates stitched items, and she has had a rough time of it lately with the deaths of two friends who she had known for over 60 years. My Great Aunt drove ambulances for the Air Force in World War II, and made many friends during this time who are friends to this day. Pretty phenomonal.

I don't know if summer has well and truly arrived, but tonight after we had been for a swim we BBQ'd a couple of steaks and then had strawberries (yum!) and ice cream for dessert. It sure seems summery!!


Stitchie Kiwi said...

Being the mother of a 14yo boy ... I think the over 14yo law is plain stupid. Yes, we let him buy some, but he was given strict guide-lines (in our backyard and only when we are home) ... of course he had friends around last night, and got stupid so had the embarrassment of mother watching out the window ... but that's my own rant LOL

Your tiger is looking awesome! I have that Yesteryear freebie too - I plan on stitching it, one day ;)

... and yay! on the strawberries, I bought some this week with the groceries and thought summer must be here!


Nicki said...

It's not as bad as in the UK where you can buy fireworks all year round, but we did have a scared little cat last night. Polo hates them. And some idiot was still letting off bangers at nearly midnight. sigh....

Tobie said...

Your tiger is looking so good! I admire you for sticking with it on the black fabric! It was tough for me stitching on black. Are you close to a finish on the tiger?

AnneS said...

Ooooh, the scanner sounds like a great prezzie - I use mine all the time and would be lost without it :) Like you, I feel sorry for the animals at fireworks time - but I'm like a kid when they're going ... I love to see them, particularly the big major displays like Christmas in the Park in Auckland - just stunning - my eyes are like saucers watching them. I hate to be around them being lit, though ... I have too much respect for things that can go wrong!