Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Thanks for the offer AnneS

...I'm popping Tess on a plane to Melbourne tomorrow, so she will be with you shortly. Tess is driving us all nuts - she is wanton you could say, so she's off to the vets on Thursday to calm her down. :-) For her own safety she's been locked indoors today and will be tomorrow too. But hey, it's probably not half as frustrating for us as it is for her! :-(

Has anyone out there tried to post to New Zealand lately? I'm in a bookmark exchange, and I've been advised that the person who is posting to me had difficulty at the Post Office because of a change of postage legislation for New Zealand. Thought the politicians would be too busy with the upcoming election to be worried about changing the postage legislation for stitching exchanges. :-)

I have finished Bent Creek's Signs of Winter, and will post a photo soon. I think I might stitch Brightneedle's 'Welcome' next, it was one of the first charts I bought from Stitching Bits and Bobs last year. I just feel like I want some quick finishes at the moment, I then might set about trying to find a better shade of brown to finish off Lady Leona. She's become a psychological hump, which I just can't get over! One day I'll just probably take the 'head staggers' and get on with it.

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Kiwi Jo said...

I haven't had any problems mailing to NZ from the US - apart from the exorbitant cost :)