Friday, September 02, 2005

My girl has changed so much...

over the course of the week.  When she first arrived I noticed that she wasn't very playful, liked to be near me all the time and showed no interest in going outside.  But over the last two or three days she has started acting like a kitten... which is wonderful for her and awful for us (we were pleased when our two grew out of the mischievious kitten stage)!  I think maybe she was recovering from being starving and lost in the first few days, but with some TLC she has regained her strength and vitality.  Yay for her!!

Tonight she (and I say 'she' because we still can't think what to call her, all suggestions welcome!) was being a little naughty, I chased her around to try and pick her up and put her in her room for some time out.  She went into the kitchen and lay on her back (which seems to be her submissive pose - I've noticed this when Meg is about) and I was just about to pick her up and she cried out several times like I was hurting her.  I hadn't even touched her at that stage!?  I think that wherever she has come from may not have been a very happy home, so I made sure I gave her lots of cuddles and a game.  I'm glad she found us and let herself in.

There have been a few high profile animal cruelty cases in the news lately, some too gruesome to mention - but one did have a happy ending.  Some gallah (and that's putting it politely) stole a Kiwi, yes our native endangered national treasure, from a bird park in Queenstown this week.  Can you believe it?  I was shocked and outraged that anyone had the stupidity and gumption to do such a thing.  Fortunately, our little feathered friend was found a day or so after it was stolen hiding in some bushes nearby.  There are some morons about.

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I've managed some stitching this week, and am not too far off finishing Bent Creek's Signs of Winter.  I'll share a pic once done.  Today I bought a copy of Quick and Easy.  I was hanging out for this one as it has an All Our Yesterdays chart in it.  There's a couple of things in it I might stitch at some stage, but for now it is mostly pandering to the new arrival's needs and wants and squeezing in stitching when I can.

Have a great weekend!


natty68 said...

I take it she is staying with you now :) She looks beautiful and she will have a lovely home with you and your family :-)

Nicki said...

I know what you mean about the animal cruelty - and I think I know what case you're talking about - it makes me furious. But at least one little cat has found herself a lovely home :-)

Anonymous said...

Aww she's so cute!