Tuesday, September 27, 2005

JCS Christmas Ornie Mag

Brightneedles 'Welcome' just needs about two birdhouses and then it is done. It is such a pretty design, although I wish I had stitched it on a smaller count. I stitched it on 25 count evenweave and think a more petite version would have been nicer. So I may just stitch it again at some stage.

Thought I'd go for a walk at lunchtime, and of course ended up at the magazine shop. I was thinking that the JCS Christmas Ornament magazine might be in... and luckily enough there it was! I had a quick skim through it when I got back to work (there are some cute kitty ornaments in there), but I am going to spend some time later tonight having a better look.

1 comment:

KarenV said...

Looking forward to seeing your "Welcome" HD! I stitched this one on 40ct linen over two and it turned out really cute :)