Monday, September 19, 2005

Bent Creek's Signs of Winter pic

It's a pretty apt picture, considering we are in the grips of a Wintery blast at the moment. How gullible I was to think it was going to be all sunshine and warm breezes until summer arrives. :-)

I have added a link on my sidebar to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. I used to donate annually, but after coming and going overseas a couple of times over the last six years I got out of the habit. After watching a documentary made by Donal MacIntyre of the BBC last week, and being extremely moved by it... I'm going to give up some stash money. I have a gorgeous gorilla cross stitch design in a Gloria & Pat chart book 'Endangered Young 'Uns', which I might just add to my to do list too. Hopefully by having the link on the side it might encourage others to become interested in their plight.

Tess came back from her operation last Thursday all ready and raring to go. I had been looking forward to her being a little subdued for a while, but no such luck. More importantly, it is great for her sake that she's feeling fighting fit and full of kitten exuberance after such a big op.

My first piece of Kiwi Illusions hand dyed fabric arrived late last week from CountryStitch. I am really chuffed, it's such a beautiful colour - it is called Olde English Lavendar. I have no idea what I will stitch on it yet, but it's a good excuse to go stash hunting! And roll on next month for another colour... who knows if I can keep finding things to stitch on the pieces I receive from the Rainbow Club, I might even sign up for more.

I'm off to work on Brightneedle's 'Welcome'. Will post a pic when done.


Isabelle said...

That's a lovely finish Rosie.
Good to know that Tess is fine!

Jenna said...

Signs of Winter looks perfect! Glad to hear that Tess is her usual self after surgery, even if you were hoping for a couple of slower days. ;)

zoeandcooper said...

HD for you. Signs of Winter is soo cute!! Happy to hear Tess is back and keeping you on your toes.

Froggie said...

What a sweet design! I love your "Signs of Winter"! It's adorable!