Thursday, August 18, 2005

Small stash enhancement

I was out looking for some gifts for my partner in a birthday exchange today. I couldn't find anything to fit the bill... but I did pick up this Gloria and Pat book for a 1/3 off the price for myself.

I am thinking of joining up to Countrystitch's Rainbow Club, getting a piece of Kiwi Illusions hand-dyed fabric (probably the 50cm by 35cm) once a month. If you join before the end of August there are a few extra benefits, so I'm seriously thinking about this. I think I would go for an evenweave only option though, as I'm not too keen on linen (although, this may have something to do with needing glasses... tee hee hee).

I'm looking forward to the weekend. We have nothing planned, unlike last weekend where we had all that cleaning up of our garden to do and visitors who stayed overnight. There is a SingStar evening planned on Saturday, but it's not at our place so if we're feeling raucous we might just pop along.


Nicki said...

I just joined the Rainbow Club and it's great so far! I'm getting two little pieces a month in the hope that they'll come in handy for exchanges and ornaments and stuff.

Anonymous said...

What a cute chart :o) Did you go for the Countrystitch's Rainbow Club?