Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mauled by a cat...

We have a little black cat that has just started hanging out in our backyard, and tonight it bit me on the cheek. It wasn't being vicious, it was more like it was on the love drug and totally over-affectionate. It is now sitting at the door squawking to be let in. My OH is getting annoyed with it because it bothers our two cats, but I'm more worried about why it was here this morning at 6.30am and is still here now at 6.30pm. Hope it has a family of it's own to go to.

I went and bought a whole lot of DMC threads and some fabric tonight in order to recapture my stitching va va voom. But wouldn't you know it one of the threads I require for Bent Creek's Signs of Winter apparently does not exist. However, DMC 3720 appears to be a dark grey going by the picture on the chart... so it's no biggy and I plan to get started after dinner.

Yes Karen, I have just tonight joined up to Countrystitch's Rainbow Club. Yay!! So now each month I will be receiving a 50cm by 35cm piece of Kiwi Illusions hand dyed evenweave. It works out cheaper getting the evenweave only option, so that is pleasing too! I can't wait for the first piece to arrive next month.

The September issue of the UK Cross Stitcher mag turned out to be a good one, but I am looking forward to next month's even more... it looks like it is going to be packed full of cute and interesting designs. Roll on next month.

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zoeandcooper said...

He sounds like a lonely little guy. I hope you are not hurt too badly. Good luck with getting back into your stitching.