Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kitty is still here...

It spent the night in our bathroom, and hasn't shown much sign of wanting outside today. It just likes to be near you and it is so affectionate. It is even toilet trained... good kitty!

Our cats are a little unhappy about it being here, as you would expect - but they're not really disturbed... unlike my OH (which annoys me as he was the one that let it in the house in the first place).

I made up flyers on Friday to put in letterboxes around the neighbourhood, but my heart sank tonight when my OH said we should distribute them and try and find the owner. I guess I'm already attached to the wee critter. I think we will probably do this tomorrow. I know if one of my cats became lost I would like it returned!! But I will be sad to see it go if someone claims it.

I haven't done anymore stitching since Thursday night, as every time I sit down I have the cat on my lap either sleeping or wanting to smooch! But I am going to do some tonight while my OH watches the rugby. So off I go...

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