Friday, August 26, 2005


Don't you love how they worm their way into your lives? Tonight little blackie has been fed jellymeat, cat biscuits, steak... not to mention he let himself into the house has explored the lounge and is now shut in our bathroom under the warm towel rail with a nice soft basket and a fleecy rug. He's even had some flea treatment.

My OH is waivering. He likes the little cat and it was his suggestion to put him in the bathroom... but he seems kind of miffy too. I think he is just worried about Meg and Giggsy, but they don't seem to mind too much and appear more curious than anything else. They're asleep on the bed beside me here, so they obviously aren't taking it too badly.

I have made some flyers to pop in letterboxes, and my Mum has reported it to the vets in case anyone is looking for it... but I think now I'll be a little sad if it finds it's way home again.

Of course, there has been no stitching tonight.... BUT.... I did really enjoy my stitching session last night, so I think I can safely say I've found my va va voom again!! :-)

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