Friday, July 29, 2005

A stitching lull...

I only managed a wee bit of stitching on Lily of the Valley this week as I just wasn't feeling too stitchy, but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things this weekend.

I'm still in a huff with Lady Leona so she's been put away for now. I think the difference in the thread shade has been a major de-motivator.

I said farewell to Casper on Saturday afternoon, and my Mum had to have him put to sleep on Tuesday as his health deteriorated very rapidly. I'll miss going around to my Mum's and being hissed at and smooched, all within the space of 2 minutes. And I'll always be thankful to Casper for years ago bringing me home 'Buns' the epileptic rabbit. You're not supposed to keep wild rabbits in NZ, simply because they are a pest - but anyone with half a heart wouldn't let a teeny tiny bunny wabbit fend for itself. She used to pee orange because she would nibble on the orange carpet we used to have, the joys of having an indoor-outdoor rabbit!

I managed to get the issue of Cross Stitcher (the UK version) I was after this week with the Michael Powell 'Venice' design, the Margaret Sherry cats and the Lilliput Lane cottage in it. I went in on Monday and it wasn't there, and on Thursday I thought I'd try my luck again and lucky I did as there was only one copy left. Perhaps stitching something from the issue will re-motivate me!?

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Stitchie Kiwi said...

Hi there Rosie!

Just wondering ... what shop do you get your magazines from, I'm still waiting for our local one to get the JCS one with the 2nd part of the stitched box (I'm in Paraparaumu).

Enjoying reading your blog ... and wondering how you had a summery day today - when it rained all afternoon here! LOL