Friday, July 08, 2005

Shocked and deeply saddened

... by events in London. What more can one say!?

I worked some more on Lady Leona last night, and I'm already thinking about where to hang her when she is framed. My OH even commented that she was coming along well and how amazing all the detail was. Thanks Honeybuns! I wonder if he'll be so happy when I tell him I want to hang her in the bedroom?? :-)

I went out to buy a gardening magazine today (I'm not quite so addicted to those, although even as a youngster I had a fettish for magazines!) and got back to work with that and the latest copy (well the latest copy available in New Zealand which is a couple of months behind the UK) of Mary Hickmott's New Stitches. I had a quick flick and it has a couple of pretty things in it which I'll be adding to my '(getting longer and longer) to do' list.

Looks like the weather isn't going to be up to much this weekend, so I hope to get a lot more stitched on Lady L.

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