Friday, July 01, 2005

Royal visit

Prince William is in town, he visited the British Lions rugby team yesterday at the hotel across the road from my work. I would like to have seen him in person, but I think waiting around to gork at someone is kind of strange... so I went to my LNS and bought a bookmark kit for an exchange I'm about to participate in instead!

Now something I really regret not seeing is two big cats sitting in a van in the courtyard of my work yesterday... apparently Wellington Zoo is trying to get cheetahs or leopards (the reports vary) more accustomed to people and noises etc (I guess so they lead more relaxed lives at the zoo). I always miss all the good stuff!

I finished the penguin for the RR last night, so I will post that back to the lady in England who it belongs to this weekend. I'll take a few pics before it goes home to post on here. I also got an email tonight from the lady who stitched the last section on my RR saying that it is now on it's way home. I'm so excited - she thinks it is the best looking of the lot, so it must be looking well. My theme was Victorian Tiles from an issue of New Stitches. I'll be sure to share a photo of that too when it arrives.

It's still freezing down here, although I shouldn't complain - one town in the deep south had minus 12 degrees Celsius overnight. I can't even imagine what that would be like! Hope it's warmer wherever in the world you are reading this from!

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Nicki said...

I'd have rather seen the big cats too! Poor things must have been a bit confused.