Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Magazines galore...

There were lots of new magazines at the mag shop today, but I was very good I only came away with the August 2005 issue of Just Cross Stitch. There is the most lovely Dragonfly Sampler in this issue, in fact it is about the only thing I would stitch from this issue - but it's such a lovely chart that it's worth the price of the mag!

I tried stitching on Lady Leona last night, but not having the thread to 'go for it' so to speak has really hindered my enthusiasm. I was hoping to get her finished next week on my days off, but that is unlikely now. However, I was very pleased to receive an email from Dimensions today advising I would hear from them by mail within 7 to 10 business days. That will be excellent service if they come through with the thread for me. Maybe I'll work on something else in the meantime, afterall it's not like I don't have enough charts and magazines and kits....

Here is an interesting website I found today.

We're Not Afraid

I'm off to decide whether I'll start stitching something new, or whether I'll try and motivate myself to keep going with Lady Leona. Take care!

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