Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A little sad tonight...

Not only does Casper definitely have kidney disease, but it is at a very advanced stage. The vet has told my Mum not to let him outside anymore, because he is a wanderer and so sick - if he goes out he may not have the energy to return. If only our pets life spans were more in tune with our own.

On another not so great note, the thread from Dimensions is obviously from a different dye lot than the thread that was in the kit because it is slightly darker. At the moment it stands out quite a bit, but I'm hoping that because there is some tweeding in this area that once that is stitched in it may not be so noticeable. Here's hoping.

I went out today with my Mum and Dad for lunch and we went around some garden shops, and I didn't spend any money at all (much to my OHs relief I'm sure). I think it is the wrong time of year, so I will hold off spending until the Spring plants are out... which can't be far away as I saw some daffodils in flower today. A few years ago I went to the Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands, and my love of spring flowers was further fuelled by the delights I saw there.

We stopped in at a pet shop too where I saw about 5 teeny tiny rabbit babies, the mother had obviously dug them into the straw and pulled out her own fur to make a nest. Very sweet. I also got nipped twice by a little puppy that was running around. Little rascal.

I watched an interesting programme last night on ghosts and paranormal activity made here in New Zealand. I was thinking it was pretty lame because they just seemed to be wandering around this theatre spooking themselves out, but at the end they analysed their photos and footage and there were some creepy things on there - orbs, strange lights and an ectoplasm which seemed to follow a guy down the stairs. I wouldn't say I believe in all of that stuff, but it sure is intriguing! I must watch it again next week :-)

I feel like some S.E.X. (that's a 'stash enhancement experience' for the uninitiated) online, so I'm off to see what grabs me.

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