Thursday, July 07, 2005

I will work out how to add multiple day

... but in the meantime, there is three posts for today!  :-)

I decided to take a walk to the nearest LNS today to have a look through their charts, and came away with Dragon Dreams Fairy Tale Sampler and BOO! by Gloria & Pat.  The lady who served me commented that they were two very different charts - but I chose them for different reasons.  I have had my eye on Fairy Tale Sampler for quite some time.  It appeals because my Grandad used to tell us lots of Fairy Tales when my sisters and I were young.  He would make them up as he went along, although there were three main characters - Cowboy Charlie, Twinkle Toes and Mr Ruff Ruff.  This design has always reminded me of him, so today I finally added it to my stash.

I chose BOO! because it's really cute and I thought it might make a nice gift (either the chart itself or a stitched version) for a Halloween exchange.  I quite often participate in exchanges with a BB I frequent.

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I am taking a few days off work later in the month.  My OH can't take time off, but that's no problem because I plan to do lots of stitching!  No doubt I will be able to convince my Mum for a day out and a trip into Nancy's which is a LNS in Wellington, which I haven't been to yet.  Unfortunately, most of the LNS are on the outskirts and not handy to get to in my lunch hour.  I don't think I need anymore charts right now, but I hope to pick up some fabric.  And maybe we'll hit the garden shops while we're out too!  :-)

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