Saturday, July 30, 2005

For a moment I forgot it was Winter...

Today was relatively mild, my OH installed my water feature for me (thanks Honeybuns), my first spring flower bloomed (an Iris), and I was busy looking at my brightly coloured Polyanthus plants... and then I remembered, it's still mid-Winter. It was a nice almost-summer feeling, while it lasted.

Meg was keen to check out the water feature -

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But Giggsy would only look from afar...
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Meg is especially obsessed with running water. Today I looked out the window and both her and Giggsy were sitting ON the road fascinated by something I couldn't see. Then I realised my OH was letting a bit of water out of the pool and it trickles down the street, and this was what was engrossing them!

I plan to spend tomorrow stitching, it is supposed to be very wet tomorrow and my OH is doing a business course and has an assignment to do, so it will be the perfect opportunity to indulge for the day.


Anonymous said...

Your water feature looks great! And Meg and Gypsy are so cute lol.

What's happened to your sidebar? It's disappeared!

Stitchie Kiwi said...

Hey there Rosie! Just wondering what shop you get your magazines from? I'm in Paraparaumu and been waiting for the 2nd part of the stitched box JCS issue ... and it isn't there yet - I'm sure it should be.

Your stitching is looking fabulous, and I'm wondering how you got a nice day yesterday, when it rained all afternoon here! LOL (in fact, it's STILL raining).


Rowyn said...

Thanks Karen. The sidebar is at the very bottom. I think it's because my pictures are too large. LOL

Hi Lisa. I get my magazines from Magnetix on Lambton Quay. They get some magazines in by airfreight, which is great because they are quite current. The flipside is that they charge a bit more on some of them. Let me know if you get stuck getting the issue of JCS, as I have that one. Looks like the rain has made it over the hill today :-) Roll on summer!

Nicki said...

I love your water feature (and your little statue next to it). And the cats are so cute!