Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Aahhh fiddlesticks...

The Lady Leona kit is short on dark brown thread! I was stitching away happily last night and came to the last piece of thread and then realised there was no more to be found. I have emailed Dimensions, so hopefully they'll be able to provide me with some more. Fortunately, I can carry on with the rest of her as it looks like there is plenty of all the other threads.

It is the Twelfth Day today, a big celebration for the Prodestants in Northern Ireland. I am sure my OH's thoughts are firmly back home at the moment. Every year I think we should mark it somehow, but every year I leave it too late to think of anything. Maybe now is a good time to think of something apt for next year.

If you are American then Ballymena in Co. Antrim (where I lived when I was over there), may hold special interest for you. There lies the ancestral home of the 21st President of the USA - Chester Alan Arthur.

click here to view the Ballymena website

We're not entirely sure, but we wonder if someone tried to get into our house on Sunday night/Monday morning while we were sleeping. There was banging which woke us (and frightened the kitty-cats), but we can't find an explanation for it. I searched the Geonet website for earthquakes around 2am, but there were none. It was a still night, so it wasn't the wind. It wasn't anything which fell from the sky as there is nothing on the roof or around the section. Could be stash hunters, I suppose!? Some of them would go to any lengths, I am sure :-)

Anyway, it is back to Lady Leona for me...

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