Saturday, June 11, 2005

A watched phone never rings and a cat who likes tabasco sauce

A watched telephone never rings, just like a watched letter box never produces stash. I was hoping my Stitching Bits and Bobs order might be here for the weekend, but nope not this weekend. (sniff, sob)

However, I was very pleased to receive the final piece in a four person RR I am participating in today though. So far it's looking fantastic. The theme is nature and it is open for me to stitch whatever I want. I have some patterns in mind (of New Zealand penguins), but I am hoping to find something a little more unique - maybe a Tuatara or a Kea? I had better get cracking in case I have to order something. I'll post a pic when I've finished deciding and stitching it.

As for the tabasco sauce loving cat - I made a home made pizza for our dinner tonight, and flavoured the chicken and peppers with tabasco sauce. Then little Meg sat by my feet looking hopeful and even tried to stick her face in my plate, until I caved in and gave her some. Her and Giggsy aren't usually scavengers, but I guess the lure of the tabasco sauce overcame her! :-) Cats can be such mysterious and strange creatures. Every life should have nine cats!

I'm off to wade through some of my New Zealand stitching mags to find something for the RR. Have a great weekend!

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