Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Summer here we come...

... well, it was the shortest day yesterday and I'm ever the optimist! Never mind that Winter has really yet to arrive.

I've been stitching away on the RR the last two evenings. I decided on the New Zealand North Island Little Penguin. There are five others in the series, which appeared in the NZ Creative Stitch & Craft magazine (which comes out just twice a year... surely they could do better than that!)... but I decided on the North Island version because that's where I'm from. I may use these patterns for a future RR.

Unfortunately, there aren't a great number of NZ cross stitch designers, but I do love Cherry Parker's NZ designs and anything NZ themed.

Poor Meg got a good kicking last night by yours truly. I was wandering around in the dark at 4am when I kicked something. I thought to myself 'I'm sure I moved the dehumidifier before I went to bed' and then I heard little paw-steps running down the hallway. Everybody say 'ohhhhh'. She has forgiven me for that and the flea treatment she got yesterday - boy does it stink. We should've called her Miffy, because she gets all miffy if there is something that she doesn't like.

There is a great cat food ad on the telly at the moment of a cat sitting on a man's chest looking down at him, and the guy is saying how cats used to be treated as kings in ancient times and that some cats haven't forgotten this. Boy, ain't that the truth!!

I'll share a pic of the NZ penguin as soon as it starts to look like more than just a flipper!

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