Friday, June 03, 2005

The start of a long weekend...

Woohoo! I love long weekends, and it is my aim to do lots of stitching and maybe try a little scrapbooking. I have bought some items (at the constant insistance of my younger scrapbooking sister) to give the latter a go, and if my first page turns out any good I will share it here.

This week I've been stitching on an RR which is due to be posted next week. The theme is International Bears and I've stitched a cute Chinese one. He just needs the backstitching then he'll be headed to England where he will be joined by another bear before heading home to his stitching owner. I will share a photo, hopefully tomorrow, of my finished square.

We rented a couple of DVDs on Wednesday night - Two Brothers and White Chicks. Many of you who haven't seen Two Brothers will probably be under the same impression I was - that it will be a nice, family, warm-fuzzy type movie. It ain't! I've always been saddened by the plight of the tiger, and the movie shows it how it is basically with a few laughs and a few warm fuzzies at the end. I think the tiger 'actors' looked genuinely distressed at times also, which saddened me. If you have a soft spot for tigers give the money you would pay to rent or buy this DVD to a save the tiger fund. Both you and the tigers will be happier for it!

As for White Chicks - rush out and buy it. You will laugh from beginning to end!!

Despite warnings of the mass invasion of the Barmy Army to our shores, it's been pretty quiet so far. Go the All Blacks!!

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