Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Magazine junkie

I'm finding that I'm prepared to walk further and further for a cross stitch mag fix. Yesterday it was a copy of Stitchers World down one end of the city, and today it was a copy of Cross Stitcher (the UK version) down the other end of the city. I guess it's doing me good, but not my wallet! :-)

There are some nice designs in both, but I'm really looking forward to the August copy of Cross Stitcher - the preview shows some cute Margaret Sherry cats and a Venice design by Michael Powell. Roll on next month. It's great with Cross Stitcher because a couple of the mag shops air freight them in, so I've got the July 2005 issue which is great going - usually we are months behind.

I've been motoring along on the RR, pen-gy just needs his head and a bit of backstitching and he can be sent home. Some of the RRs are already back with their owners which is neat, but the final posting date is another week or so away so there is plenty of time.

It's still freezing down here, and it is still all rugby, rugby, rugby. Wellington is currently swarming with people in red, white and blue - the British Lions sure have a large and loyal following, and I don't think they're even all here yet. But even though my OH is from Northern Ireland, and my Dad is English - I'm still Kiwi through and through - so go the All Blacks this Saturday night at the Cake Tin!

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Anonymous said...


I saw your comment about Cherry Parker's designs. I am an avid stitcher. My husband and I were in NZ for our 10th wedding anniversary a couple of years ago and I, of course, had to visit any needlework related stores I could find. I came across Cherry Parker's monthly samplers but only found ones for December and January. The website listed on the back is no longer available. Can you provide a website or store where I could order more of her designs?

Sarah Boyce